Burn Camp

Campers head to a medieval carnival during summer camp sponsored by the Georgia Firefigher Burn Foundation and the UGA School of Social Work. (Photo by Dot Paul)

Joseph Fu

Joseph Fu is a 2011 Creative Research Award Medal winner in the department of mathematics. (Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski)

Eye Exam

Medical school students perform eye exams on each other during their first year in the UGA/Georgia Health Sciences University Medical Partnership program. (Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker)

Class Rings

After selecting a class ring, students are presented their ring during a ceremony sponsored by the UGA Alumni Association. (Photo by Dot Paul)

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What people are saying about Photographic Services...

Katie O'Shea, UGA 2011 graduate in International Business/International Affairs; '14 School of Law

" I just saw the Deer Run spotlight in the Terry FYI newsletter and saw the video and website for the program. It looks amazing and I think everyone involved did a great job showcasing the program. It was nice to be able to see and hear about the experiences of this class and I think it's a great reflection on the program and I'm so glad to have gotten to be a part of the fellows. The video really brings back all the memories of a unique and unforgettable program and experience."

Rich Bostwick, Creative, Faculty Commons

" As a professional design communicator and photographer I enjoyed your web archive. I visit numerous university sites to find architectural and campus-related photos. I was delighted to browse the images on the Photographic Services page and find abundant options to suit our communication needs. It is a fine collection."

Julie Cheney, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

" I was only hoping for a picture, but we got a video thanks to the great work of Dot Paul. So far, the video has received nearly 10,000 hits on YouTube. I would like to commend Dot for taking it to the next level and bringing her creativity to this event. She put forth the idea of the time lapse video and I am so thankful!" (commenting on the Class of 2015 Multimedia)

Helen Fosgate, ugaresearch editor

" I depend heavily on the expertise of our photographers – and not just to take images – but to share their insights about what image or images are appropriate in telling a story. They’ve come up with some creative suggestions and solutions that often require a lot of work on their part; yet they care enough to go the extra mile. We are fortunate at UGA to have experienced professionals in these positions. Our campus-wide magazine, ugaresearch, has received CASE general Awards of Excellence largely because the wonderful photographs and graphics pull readers in, where [we hope] they’ll stay to read the stories as well as the cutlines!  I’ve always preferred our university photographers over freelancers because they know the campus, the faculty, and all the tried and true venues. Without our photographers, I’d have to invest far more time and money producing a research magazine, which depends heavily on images to help tell the story."

George Contini, Sandy Beaver Teaching Fellow and director of the DramaDawgs Summer Camp

" I can’t begin to thank you enough for the amazing work you did in documenting our DramaDawgs Summer Camp. The final video you assembled was of a first rate quality and your ability in capturing the experience of the camp was terrific. We have placed the video on our website and it will be utilized as a major marketing tool for our department in attracting future students. I have been involved in many documentaries involving the creation of theatre and it is always difficult to maintain a sense of a safe work space for the participants while also filming them. I sincerely appreciated your willingness to be mindful of that and was especially impressed by your intuitive sense while working in the classroom space. You were never intrusive to our process and your adept physical awareness allowed you to get some truly extraordinary photos of these young actors."

Mike Childs, director of public information UGA College of Education

" I have great appreciation of the work that UGA photographers have done for our award-winning magazines and online news publications. The images they capture help tell the story of the work of our college's faculty, staff, students and alumni. Working with these top-notch professionals has always been a pleasure. Our many collaborations over the years have always left me impressed with the great care, time and effort they take to get the best images possible. Their photographic expertise and insight are a crucial element of our marketing and communications success. As our profession of collegiate advancement evolves with new technology, their eagerness to take on new challenges is reflected in our latest multimedia collaborations. I am thankful to have the support of such outstanding professionals and look forward to our continued strong partnership."

Jeff Miller, Senior photographer in University Communications, University of Wisconsin-Madison

" Well done work all the way around - for the original concept and commitment to seeing the story idea through. I particularly like Dot's comments about the difference in looking for video action vs. still moments. I think the audio interviews carry this piece quite well. Despite the piece perhaps being a little long overall, (as Dot noted), I've actually watched it twice! " (commenting on Dot Paul's UPAA Blog post on her multimedia project Burn Camp 2010)

Denise Horton, Director of Communications, UGA College of Family & Consumer Sciences

" My decision to feature two professors, sitting on stools against a dark background could have resulted in a muddy, boring, drab and dull photo, but due to Robert Newcomb's care and expertise the final result balanced drama, warmth and the perfect spot of color to create a beautiful, dynamic image. Not only did Robert spend time thinking through all of the variables beforehand, but he quickly established a rapport with both professors which caused them to relax and enjoy the photographic experience. I have worked with Robert on many occasions and am always impressed with his professionalism and creativity, but in this instance, he went above and beyond in creating a silk purse our of what could have been a sow's ear. Many thanks!"

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